Loughborough mum forces Boots to withdraw ‘over sexualised’ make-up from stores

A mother from Leicestershire has forced retailer Boots to withdrew what she describes as “sexualised” make-up off its shelves.

Mother of two, Angela Fitzsimons, 46, from Loughborough, was left outraged when her 17-year-old daughter Grace came home with the ‘Obsession Obsessive Eyes Makeup Palette’. The set included colour shades called “milf”, “foreplay” and “sugar daddy”.

Ms Fitzsimons said her daughter had purchased the selection of eyeshadows from a Boots store in Loughborough. She said the wording used to describe the colours were “unnecessary and crude”.

Ms Fitzsimons contacted Boots, who admitted ‘it got it wrong’ and promised to remove the product.

The eyeshadow palette was priced at £12 for 24 eyeshadows and included names like housewife, safeword, chauvinist, dealer, wasted, vape, blackmail and full package.

Ms Fitzsimons, said: “Grace had been out with her friends and she brought home this palette which she bought with some birthday vouchers.”

“They were nice colours but the names were gross. I looked closer and saw they were called things like milf, homewrecker and dealer. It was pretty rank.”

“I complained to Boots and they replied that it was not marketed at children but I don’t think that makes a difference. At that price you will get children aged 12, 13, and 14 buying it. Even if they don’t buy it they will be seeing these words.”

Angela added: “The wording chosen was unnecessary, I thought ‘foreplay. What on earth? I said to my friend half in jest can you imagine a couple of 13-year-olds saying, ‘I’m wearing foreplay with a touch of home wrecker today?’.

Words like Milf and Foreplay feature in the palette

“It sends out the wrong message and it normalises these words for teens. It’s provocative for the sake of being provocative.”

A spokeswoman for Obsession issued a comment through Boots, confirming that the product will be removed from stores and online with immediate effect.

The spokesman said: “Obsession is a new brand. While we were experimenting with our personality, we know we haven’t always got things quite right and some of our shade names need work.”

“This complaint has made us accelerate our plan and we will remove this product, Obsessive Eyes, from stores and online with immediate effect.”