Man with boxers down follows woman in Leicester park

A man indecently exposed himself to a woman who was out jogging in Aylestone Meadows park in Leicester.

The woman said she was followed by the suspect who jumped out of a bush he was hiding in.

The incident happened on Sunday 14 June at about 11.20am. The woman was out jogging in Aylestone Meadows when she noticed a man in the bush with his boxers and joggers down his legs. 

The woman carried on jogging and the suspect then attempted to follow her, still with his joggers down. He only stopped when he could see there were other people coming from the opposite direction.


The woman described the suspect as white, about 5ft 9ins tall, with dark brown hair. He was wearing black-rimmed glasses and a black tracksuit with a white logo on the hooded top.

A spokesperson for Leicestershire Police said: “The woman reported seeing a man in a bush with his trousers and boxers down exposing himself. The suspect then reportedly followed the victim and started to quicken his pace until other members of the public came from the opposite direction.”

“He then covered himself up and went the other way towards a bridge over the river.”

Police would like to hear from anyone who may have seen a man fitting this description, or have information about the incident, by calling them on 101.

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