Man sentenced to four years for trying to run over Police officer

A driver who intentionally injured a police officer in Loughborough has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Mark Courtney Johnson, 34, of Armadale Drive, Leicester, pleaded guilty to Grievous Bodily Harm with intent to resist arrest. He was sentenced at Leicester Crown Court.

Police were called to Loughborough after Johnson was seen inside a building site on Allendale Road. He drove out of the site in a Transit van, ramming the fencing as he left and collided with a parked vehicle.

A police officer who was called to the site saw Johnson stationary at some traffic lights. The officer got out of his vehicle and walked towards the van, at which point Johnson revved his engine and drove at the officer who was standing in the road.

Detective Chris Fox investigated the incident. He said:

“This was a horrific incident which left the police officer with serious leg injuries. Following extensive treatment, he returned to restricted duties four months after the incident.

He is due to undergo further surgery, but the events of that day will stay with him forever and we hope that this conviction will help him to put the horrific incident behind him.”