Motorists being pulled over by man in fake Police BMW in Leicestershire

Motorists are being warned after several drivers have been followed or pulled over by a BMW masquerading as an unmarked police car.

Three separate reports have been received by Leicestershire Police by drivers describing the vehicle as ‘an unmarked Police car’.

The incidents occurred on 1 January and involved the same silver BMW car displaying blue flashing lights on the inside of the front windscreen.

During the first incident in Glen Parva, the BMW attempted to get a driver to stop their vehicle but the motorist drove off. 

A door of the BMW hit the driver’s car when they were both at traffic lights, causing minor damage.

During the second incident in Wigston, the driver was told to slow down by the BMW driver and drove off when the driver couldn’t provide any police ID.

During the third incident, the driver called from Wardley stating he was being followed by the BMW which also struck his car. 

The BMW drove off when the caller stopped at a petrol station. No damage was caused.

Police have said that at no point did the occupants of the BMW appear to be dressed in police uniform or show any police ID.

Leicestershire Police have advised that if motorists are unsure if they are being pulled over by a genuine officer, keep their car doors locked and, if possible, drive to a place of safety or a well-lit area such as petrol station forecourt. 

A spokesman for Leicestershire Police said: “Ask to see a ‘police warrant card’ through a closed window and if you are still unsure dial 999 and wait for confirmation on the phone it’s a genuine officer.”

“Only wind down your window or get out of the car when you are sure that it is a genuine police officer.”

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