Mum with terminal cancer writes book to explain her illness to her children

A mum from Loughborough has written a storybook explaining her diagnosis of cancer to her young children.

Sarah West, 34, has been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and a year ago she was given the devastating news it had spread to her brain.

Sarah, mum to five year old Olivia and three year old Amelia, said she struggled to explain her diagnosis to her young daughters and couldn’t find anything to help.

She decided to write a book which she called ‘Mummy’s Got a Poorly’, with Olivia helping with illustrations to help other children understand the disease.

Sarah, who has given her job up as primary school teacher has written the book from the eyes of a five year old, whose mummy is unwell. She hopes the book can help other kids understand what their parents are going through.

Sarah said: “When I was first diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at 34 I found it really hard to talk to my two young girls and explain it all to them.”

“This book pretty much explains it in the way I explained it to them and they’ve been brilliant throughout the treatment so far. So as part of my journey, I wanted to help others in the same or similar situation.”

Thousands of books have been published and all proceeds go towards The Osborne Trust, who support children who’s parents are diagnosed with cancer.

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