Local Muslim community donate £20,000 for new scanner at Leicester’s Hospitals

The local muslim community in Leicester has donated an amazing £20,000 for a new scanner at Leicester’s Glenfield Hospital. The cheque was presented to Leicester’s Hospitals Chairman Karamjit Singh CBE who said: “We are truly grateful for the generosity of the local Muslim community”.

The money was raised for a much needed Ultrasound scanner. The portable machine will aid doctors to treat heart patients across all of Leicester’s diverse communities.

The Muslim community became aware the hospital was trying to raise funds for the scanner and launched a local appeal. This was led by the Masjid Al Falah Mosque and the Federation of Muslim Organisations, Leicestershire (FMO). Using the power of social media, they were able to raise the money in just over three weeks.

Chairman Karamjit Singh CBE added: “On behalf of Leicester’s Hospitals I have gratefully accepted this gift of £20,000 for a new portable heart scanner. I know that the Muslim community will take great comfort in the fact that this gift will help many thousands of people who will need treatment at the Glenfield Hospital.”


The Chair of the FMO, Abdulkarim Gheewala said: “It is very important that as Muslims we put back into our local community and I am very proud of the way Muslims from Leicester, and in fact across the country reacted so quickly in such a positive way. We hope the scanner will make a huge difference to the hospital and its patients”.