Muslims across Leicester celebrate Ramadan

Muslims across Leicester have been fasting this month during the holy month of Ramadan.

The month is an incredibly sacred time for Muslims, who focus on spirituality, worship and charity.

During the month, Muslims fast during the hours of daylight and are not allowed to eat or drink while the sun is up. By going without food or water, Ramadan gives Muslims an insight into how it feels to be less fortunate – giving them time to reflect and show their gratitude to Allah.

It’s also a time for charity and helping the poor and needy. It’s obligatory for Muslims to give 2.5% of their wealth each year to the poor and many use this time to make this donation.


This year will also see Leicester’s biggest Ramadan Festival taking place over 4 weekends in June. The event will have fun and games for the family, bouncy castles, food and shopping stalls, beauty treatments and more.

The event is designed to bring all communities together as well as raise funds for the Human Appeal charity. The event is open to all and entry is free. More details about the event is available here

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