New enforcement cameras being brought in across Leicester

New enforcement cameras are being brought in to tackle illegal or dangerous parking across Leicester.

This includes parking on yellow zig-zags outside schools, stopping in bus lanes and entrance clearways outside ambulance bays and fire stations.

The new plans could see 24-hour camera enforcement outside Leicester Railway Station brought in as early as June 2017.

This follows a fatal accident in July 2016. A passenger in a taxi which had stopped briefly on the double yellow lines opened a door, knocking passing cyclist Sam Boulton into the path of a moving van.


Further reports are being drawn up to decide on the priority areas for enforcement, as well as more detailed figures for the costs of the scheme versus potential income.

Enforcement cameras are already in operation in some bus lanes in the city and this proposal would allow this to be rolled out across any location across the city.

As part of the proposals, Traffic Regulation Orders could be used to make zig-zag lines outside schools – which are currently often advisory – mandatory and enforceable.

Drivers caught on camera in designated clearways will face fines of £70, reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days.

Leicester City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “Being able to use enforcement cameras at any location across the city vastly improves our ability to improve safety, respond to people’s concerns and issue penalty notices to those motorists responsible.”