Plan for major new road and thousands of homes in Leicester

Thousands of new homes and a new road to cope with the extra housing is being planned across Leicester and Leicestershire.

All the local councils in the county are working towards a strategic growth plan and residents are being consulted on the proposals.

The plan, which goes up to 2050, aims to build thousands of new homes and improve transport links to attract jobs and investment in the county.

The Strategic Growth Plan estimates that Leicester and Leicestershire needs 96,580 new homes and a further 367-423 hectares of employment land from 2011-2031.

Authorities say some of these homes have already been built or have planning permission. However, after 2031, the plan identifies the need for a further 90,500 homes and additional employment land.

Development of the area would include a new link road – the A46 Expressway – to the south and east of Leicester, running from the M69 and the M1 to the A46 north of the city. It also proposes upgrading the A5 and A42 along with rail improvements needing Government investment.

Key areas outlined for potential growth are the city of Leicester and the corridor of land around the proposed new road. The north and south of the county have also been identified for improvement, this would create a ‘northern gateway’ close to East Midlands Airport, and a ‘southern gateway’, close to Magna Park.

The plan also considers improving transport links and relieving congestion in Melton and Lutterworth, building new housing closer to where people work, to minimise congestion from commuters.

City mayor Peter Soulsby said: “We have ambitious plans for our city and county, and we want to see them grow and prosper in the future.

“This plan is a chance for us to shape that growth, taking advantage of the opportunities it will bring while remembering our responsibilities to the local environment and existing built heritage.”

People are encouraged to take part and give their views on the proposed Strategic Growth Plan. To take part in the consultation visit or contact any of the local authorities.

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