New speed cameras go into action in six locations across Leicestershire

A speed camera trial which has caught 10,000 drivers above the speed limit is being extended to other parts of Leicestershire.

Leicestershire County Council has identified seven areas which will benefit from the new cameras.

The trial is part of a year long programme to support communities blighted by speeding motorists.

Cameras in Woodhouse Eaves near Loughborough will be switched on in the next few days. The other cameras are located in Measham, Walcote, Sharnford, Groby and Oadby with Freeby, near Melton, being the final site to be switched on in the near future.

The county council has committed £500,000 to the 12-month trial, providing funding for the cameras, equipment, staffing and enforcement action by Leicestershire Police.

For all seven sites, data will be collected continuously, which has been the case since the trial started last September.

Blake Penn, the cabinet member for the Environment and Transport, said: “The trial has been a great success so far as we look to change drivers’ behaviour when they are on the roads.”

“The objective of the trial is to act as a deterrent and prevent speeding from happening rather than to catch motorists exceeding the speed limit. We want to help communities clear the blight of speeding motorists.”