Oadby and Wigston council ban drones to ‘reduce risk to the public’

Oadby and Wigston Borough Council has banned drones or model aircrafts from being flown above any of its privately owned land.

The new policy came into effect last week in response to an upsurge in public requests which includes parks and public open spaces.

Drones or model aircrafts are now prohibited from flying from or above any council owned or managed land without prior permission granted by them.

Oadby and Wigston Borough council said the new policy will guard against disturbance, annoyance and harassment to nearby occupants and users of public open spaces.

The council believes this will ultimately help protect the safety of residents from incidents resulting from user or drone error.

Cllr Bill Boulter, Chairman of Service Delivery Committee said: ”It is important that we have a policy for the flying of drones on our parks and open spaces, because of the increasing use of them by members of the public and the dangers they may pose to other park users.”

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