Pensioner returns from husband’s deathbed to find house burgled

An elderly woman returned to her house in Leicester following the death of her husband to find her home had been burgled.

The thieves ransacked her house and took sentimental items belonging to her late husband.

The incident took place on Spencefield Lane on Wednesday 7 November, sometime between 10pm and 10.50pm.

The elderly woman in her 80s, who wishes to remain anonymous, was in hospital visiting her husband, who sadly passed away that day.


The woman is understandably distraught and upset. Police said the whole house was searched and many items were taken in the burglary.

Jewellery which the victim’s late husband had gifted to her were taken in the raid along with ruby rings which belonged to her late grandmother, a military medal and brooches belonging to her late father and grandfather and a digital camera which had her late husband’s final photographs taken on it.

The rings which were taken are both ruby rings. One of the rings has five stones in a rectangular cut with a gold band. The other ring has one large stone in a rectangular cut with pearls around it and a gold band.

The medal which was stolen had been awarded to the victim’s late father during his time serving in the Royal Navy. It was inscribed with the name W.J.White.

Detective Constable Steve Wallage said: “These items are of huge sentimental value to the victim, who is already going through an extremely traumatic time. She is devastated at what has happened and at what has been taken from her home.”

“We urge anyone who has any information at all to contact us.”

If you think you can help Police with their enquiries, please contact them on 101 quoting incident 18000538332.