Police begin moving beggars and street drinkers out of Leicester City Centre

A new initiative has been taking place in the city centre this week to move beggars and street drinkers out of the area.

Between Monday 17 July and Wednesday 19 July, Police have been speaking with beggars, street drinkers and rough sleepers and using Section 35 dispersal orders to move a number of them on.

The powers allow officers to order anyone who they believe to be committing anti-social behaviour to leave the area and not return for 48 hours.

A total of 57 people were stopped and spoken to, out of which nine Section 35 orders were issued.


Eight people were also arrested for being wanted for other outstanding offences and two warnings were issued for begging offences.

Inspector Manjit Atwal said: “This operation was carried out in response to concerns raised by local businesses about issues with those living and drinking on the streets.”

“While a number of dispersal orders have been given, we have found that giving a dispersal order isn’t always the best and most appropriate course of action.”

“With some of the vulnerable people we have spoken to, advice and support has been given to encourage them to find accommodation or assistance from the many organisations and groups we have within the city who are there to help.”

The operation has received positive feedback, with the Police looking to work closely with local partners to ensure Leicester remains a safe and welcoming place to visit, work and live.

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