Police persuade woman not to jump from M69 bridge near Hinckley

Police officers had to talk a woman down from a motorway bridge on the M69, after she threatened to jump.

The incident happened on the evening of Tuesday 8 May. Officers persuaded the woman not to jump as she stood on the wrong side of a bridge on the M69 near Burbage.

The incident was handled by the force’s Roads Policing Unit, who have been praised for the way they dealt with the situation.

The team reported the incident on social media saying: “Attended report of female standing wrong side of motorway bridge. On arrival female says she will jump…”

“Managed to talk female round and she came off the bridge. Now awaiting support from mental health team.”

The force’s mental health unit also praised the actions of the officers on social media.

The mental health team tweeted: “Well done to you all, difficult circumstances managed exceptionally well. Thank you! #police giving crisis care on the front line. Look after each other out there.”

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