Police issue statement after social media post about missing child goes viral

Police have released a statement after a social media post about a young child going missing went viral.

The message was posted on Spotted Hinckley last week, advising readers that a child had been found wandering the streets and her parents could not be found.

The post was shared hundreds of times by alarmed readers. It has now been deleted.

Due to the concern of local residents, Hinckley Police released a statement on their Facebook page to clarify the situation.

The statement said: “We have been made aware of a social media post stating that a young child is missing in the Hinckley area. We are aware of the concern this post has caused.”

“To confirm we have not received any reports of any missing children.”

“The confusion appears to have occurred from a report we received yesterday evening.”

“Following some initial enquiries we were quickly able to establish that the incident wasn’t as reported / first thought.”

No further details were provided about the incident, however this has still left a number of people confused.

Some residents are adamant that police had knocked on their doors after finding a little girl and were trying to locate her parents.

One resident posted on Facebook: “They had knocked on my door saying they had found a little girl in an oink dress and trying to find her home/parents and asked if we was missing any children”.