Prolific burglar who targeted the elderly is jailed

A 35-year-old offender who targeted the elderly and burgled their homes has been given a five year prison sentence.

Patrick Nolan, of Pickwell Close, Leicester, pleaded guilty at Leicester Crown Court to two counts of burglary.

He was sentenced to five years in prison for each count, sentences to run concurrently. The judge also issued Nolan with a five year Serious Crime Prevention Order, which will prohibit him from entering any dwellings without permission. The order will come into effect upon release from prison.

The offences took place in October 2016 in Leicester and Anstey.


During the first incident an 87-year-old victim found Nolan in her kitchen. When he was challenged he said he was looking for his cat and left. The lady found that two of her purses were missing.

During the second incident Nolan knocked on the door of a 96-year-old victim. When she answered her door, Nolan claimed he was collecting scrap metal for a neighbour and needed to access the rear of the property. The victim later discovered that her purse containing cash and bank cards had been stolen.

A police spokesman said:

“Both victims were left extremely distressed by the incidents. Nolan had no regard for the impact his actions would have on the elderly victims.”

“We are pleased that he has pleaded guilty to the offences and he now faces a lengthy term in prison for his callous crimes.”

Police would like to remind people to always check the identity of any unknown people at the door, and if in doubt, not to let them in. Always keep doors and windows locked, even if you’re at home.