‘Drastic’ change in weather with rain and wind forecast for Leicestershire

The Met Office is forecasting a ‘wet’ and ‘windy’ Sunday for most areas of Leicestershire today.

The rain and winds are expected to be heavy in the morning, with the rain becoming more intermittent, but still heavy, later in the day.

The showers will continue into the week, with heavy rain and brisk winds likely on Monday morning. There is also a chance of thundery showers on Tuesday, but then becoming dry and sunny later in the week.

Heavy rain and storms across the country has disrupted travel for many as the heatwave came to an end.

There were significant delays and cancellations at Eurotunnel and ferry terminals in Dover. Flights from Edinburgh, Birmingham, Luton and Stansted were also delayed or cancelled on Saturday after temporary restrictions were put in place during thunderstorms across Europe.

BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor said there had been a “drastic change” from the heatwave to cooler, wetter and windier conditions.

Saturday was the first day since 23 June that nowhere in the UK had temperatures above 25C .

He said the cooler conditions would continue over the next few days, but added that it “doesn’t mean that summer is done with us yet”.

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