Rescue dog on ‘brink of death’ makes unlikely best friend

A dog rescued from the ‘brink of death’ by the RSPCA in Leicester has found a loving family and an unlikely new friend in George the lizard.

The Woodside Animal Centre in Beaumont Leys said Skye, who is a Staffordshire bull terrier, was the skinniest dog ever rescued by their staff.

When Skye arrived at the animal rescue centre she was only a third of the weight of a healthy female Staffordshire dog. She was very weak and on the brink of death. 

RSCPA staff say Skye was the skinniest dog they have rescued

It took months of care and rehabilitation for Skye to recover steadily, before she was ready to be re-homed.

When Hayley Wessier, visited the rescue centre, she had originally planned to get a small family pet, but seeing Skye peering out from behind the bars of her kennel won her over.

Skye is now enjoying her new home and has struck up a remarkable friendship with the family’s pet lizard.

Hayley said she loves to follow their unusual blue-tongued skink, George. She added: “Skye is a fantastic dog and loves everyone and everything.”

Skye looks fit and healthy after months of care