Rise in the number of overweight children in Leicestershire

The number of children classed as obese or overweight has increased across Leicestershire.

The figure for 10 and 11-year-olds in the year to April 2016 was 31.5% – up from 29.9% in the previous year.

For reception class children, the figure has risen from 20.2% to 21.6% in the same period.

Scientists have found that children who are overweight often continue to be so in adulthood. This can also lead to health and self-confidence issues.


Some of the health problems associated with being overweight include type II diabetes, raised cholesterol levels or increased blood pressure and joint pains.

A spokesperson for the Leicestershire NHS Partnership said: “It is important to get the whole family eating a balanced healthy diet; remember small changes can make the biggest difference. I would not recommend that families ban high fat sugar foods such as crisps or cakes but just reduce the amount eaten and become “treat wise”. Remember children need smaller portion sizes compared to adults.”

There is also help available. Families with overweight children (aged 8-13) can join a free Family Lifestyle Club (FLiC) offered by Leicestershire NHS Partnership.

This 8-week after school scheme offers fun activities to help families make healthy changes to their lifestyle, like making healthy snacks together, being active and learning more about food topics such as labels.

For more information please contact the FLiC team on 0116 222 7154 or email FLIC@lnds.nhs.uk

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