Parents angry after school proposes to finish at lunchtime on Fridays

A primary school in Leicestershire has been criticised after it revealed plans of closing early on Friday afternoons to try and cut costs and save money.

Parents were furious when children came home with the letters suggesting that Danemill Primary School in Enderby was purposing to close at 1:05pm from the autumn term in October.

The school believes by closing early on Fridays could save cash, giving teaching staff more time to plan out their lessons.

However, parents believe it would not work for them financially as they would need to finish work early or pay for child care costs for that afternoon.


The School Head wrote to parents saying the proposal of closing early has been a success elsewhere in the country. However, the school wants to hear from the parents and their views before detailed plans are put down.

Danemill Primary has around 400 pupils in attendance, and with the governments annual budget cutbacks the school needs to cover these cuts.

The school believes by going ahead with the proposals they can provide their students with quality teaching in order to maximise their potential. They also feel that by closing early on Fridays will have the least affect on the child’s learning and education at school.

The school is yet to make a final decision.

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