Dozens of sheep killed on main road near Leicestershire

Dozens of sheep killed on A1 in Rutland
Dozens of sheep killed on the A1 in Rutland. Stock image used

Dozens of sheep have been injured and killed after they became loose on a main road.

The incident happened on the A1 in Rutland at around 11:45pm on Saturday, after the sheep became loose near Greetham.

The Police received reports of multiple collisions involving cars and the sheep. It is unclear how the sheep became loose on the road.

Police confirmed a farmer had lost “a couple of dozen” sheep, while some of the injured animals had to be put down.

The road was closed for nearly six hours while the scene was dealt with by Leicestershire Police.

One eyewitness said: “It was just so horrific. I’ll never get the image of all of them on the road out of my head for a long time.”

It’s believed around 40 sheep in total were killed or seriously injured with a number of cars damaged.