Snow warning issued for Leicestershire on Easter Monday

Leicestershire has been hit with a snow warning for Easter Monday as the Met Office forecasts bitter temperatures across the UK.

A yellow warning for snow has been issued from 12.15am on Easter Monday through to 11.45pm that night.

The weather body stated that “several centimetres are possible” but emphasised that the exact levels of snow are uncertain.

It said: “As a weather system moves in from the south and comes up against cold air over the UK, there is the chance that rain could turn to heavy snow in places.”

“At present the extent and amounts of any snow are very uncertain, and it is quite possible that snow might not be too disruptive.”

However, it added that there is a “small chance” of travel delays and admitted that it was “possible” that communities could be cut off.

This follows warnings from BBC forecasters of “disruptive snowfall” over the Easter weekend, advising those with travel plans to keep tuned in to further updates.

This is the third snow warning for Leicestershire and many in the county may be fed up with the wintry weather returning again, especially as snow is something most of us would expect to see in winter rather than spring.

But we are actually more likely to experience snow in the UK at this time of the year. Statistics from the Met Office show on average snow or sleet falls for 3.9 days in December, but 4.2 days in March.

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