Son jailed for leaving his dad’s dead body to rot in bed to pocket his wages

A son has been jailed, along with his partner, for leaving his dead father’s body to decompose in bed so he could pocket his wages.

Kieron West, 36, of Glazebrook Road, Leicester, and his partner Emma Hicken, 36, also of Glazebrook Road were found guilty of preventing the lawful burial of his father.

Kieron was sentenced to two years and six months yesterday (Tuesday 19 December) at Leicester Crown Court.

Emma pleaded guilty to the same offence and has been sentenced to 11 months in prison.


The pair also pleaded guilty to an unrelated offence and both received a 10 month sentence for this, to run consecutively.

The incident came to light on June 20, after Peter’s former partner went to visit him at his home. She discovered his decomposing body in his bedroom.

Initially the death was not treated as suspicious, however an investigation was launched as the body had clearly been there for weeks.

Kieron and Emma allowed Peter’s body to rot so they could spend Peter’s weekly payments from the Royal Mail on drugs.

When the stench became too much to hide the 36-year-old is said to have arranged it so his mother, Peter’s former partner, made the grisly discovery of the decomposing corpse.

Detective Inspector Michelle Keen, the senior investigating officer, said: “Peter was a hard-working and much loved man, who had provided for his family and only recently ceased to work due to his deteriorating health.”

“Due to the actions of his son and Hicken, who were living in the house where the body lay for a number of weeks, Peter was denied a proper and timely burial.”

“I now hope that the family can begin to come to terms with their loss and move forward with their lives.”

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