A couple who met in Leicester celebrate 70th wedding anniversary

A special couple who met in Leicester over 70 years ago celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary in September.

Dennis and Pauline Brooke met in the city at the end of World War II. They got married on 20 September 1947, after meeting in an amusement arcade.

Dennis was working in Leicester as a soldier when he met 16-year-old Pauline.
Pauline says: “We met at an amusement arcade because there was nothing else to do then. Nobody had any money so we just went to the amusement arcade.”

“I looked over and saw this handsome soldier with his friend and I thought, ‘ooh aye aye! I like that!”


“He looked at me and all of a sudden the lights went out in the arcade. When they came back on, he was standing at the side of me.”

He said ‘hello’ and I said ‘hello’ and that was it.”

Pauline said she wanted to marry Dennis when she was 19, but her dad would not allow it until she was 20-years-old.

The couple married in September 1947 when Pauline was 20 and Dennis was 22

The couple have one child, six grandchildren and a great grandchild on the way. The couple’s grandson, Stephen Jones, organised a surprise party for them to celebrate their landmark anniversary.

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