New Star Wars exhibition brings the force to Leicester

This weekend, from a galaxy far, far away comes an absolute treat for fans of Star Wars and the silver screen.

One of the UK’s finest collections of vintage Star Wars toys and original cinema posters is on display in a stunning new exhibition at New Walk Museum in Leicester.

The Museum is showcasing the private collection of a fan who grew up with the films. “May The Toys Be With You” is both a celebration of the now highly collectable vintage toy line and also of the iconic design work and art of the Star Wars movies.

The exhibition includes figures made by Palitoy in Coalville, showcasing the role the Leicestershire toy company had in this incredible global success, as well as posters and unpublished artwork.


The museum’s Philip Hackett said the exhibition reflects the huge impact the films have made in our lives.

He said: “It is a classic tale of good versus evil which is part of the fabric of our lives. Everyone knows how Yoda speaks, how a wookie speaks, what a lightsaber is.”

“And with the Coalville link, it also represents an important part of local history.”

Sales of toys were even greater than the box office for the original film

An estimated 300 million Star Wars action figures were produced between 1977 and 1985. This marked a new era in marketing film as sales of merchandise outstripped even the box office record set in 1977 by the first instalment of the Star Wars saga.

The exhibition opened on Saturday 21st July and will run up to 28th October.