Three men jailed for killing and dumping man’s body over dodgy deal

Three men have been jailed for their part in the death of a 40-year-old man who was killed when a business deal went wrong.

Promise Ndlovu, was choked to death at the Kapital Building, in Charter Street, Leicester. His body was then dumped in a nearby car park, where it was found by a member of the public the next morning.

Three men have been sentenced to a total of almost 35 years for their part in the death.

Promise Ndlovu’s body was found in a car park in Charter Street, Leicester

Businessman Kehar Hayer, 57, from Evington, was jailed for a total of 13 years for manslaughter, conspiring to commit false imprisonment and conspiring to pervert the course of justice.


Kuldeep Singh, 37, of Westover Road, Leicester, was jailed for 13 years. The third man, Ramandeep Dhaliwal, 34, was sentenced to eight years and six months.

Promise had arranged to meet Dhaliwal and Hayer at the Kapital Buildings, in Charter Street, on the evening of 28 October to exchange money as part of an alleged deal to buy land.

Police established that during the meeting there was a disagreement after Ndlovu tried to pay with ‘funny money’ – blank pieces of paper he claimed would turn into valid currency if a mix of chemicals was poured on it.

Dhaliwal was persuaded to travel to London with £15,000 of his own money, to buy the necessary chemical, with Mr Ndlovu staying behind at the Kapital Building as “security” with Hayer and Singh.

However, Dhaliwal returned empty handed, claiming he had been robbed at gunpoint by Ndlovu’s associates.

Mr Ndlovu died as the result of a struggle with Hayer and Kuldeep Singh shortly after midnight.

Christina, Promise’s wife said: “I would like to give my sincere appreciation and thanks to the prosecution team and all officers involved in this case to seek justice in Promise Ndlovu’s name.

“May his soul now rest in perfect peace. He will be deeply missed.”