Traffic warden fights with driver in shocking brawl in Leicester

A traffic warden has been suspended after he was involved in a shocking brawl with a motorist who stopped in a parking bay.

The video filmed in Leicester city centre shows the warden wearing a high vis vest walking towards a black Volskwagen before smashing the door, hitting the driver as he tries to get out of the car.

The driver desperately tries to escape but is enraged at the warden’s actions, sparking a brawl between the pair.

The motorist is then seen getting out of the car and and fighting back – landing a brutal punch to the side of the warden’s head.

This is the shocking moment a traffic warden attacks a driver by kicking him as he tries to get out of his car

A crowd of people are shown gathering around the fight, including young children.

The clip emerged on social media earlier this week.

A Leicester Council spokesman said they had suspended the warden so they could investigate what happened prior to the fight that was broadcast.

He said: “We became aware of this footage on Thursday evening and have taken steps today to suspend the officer concerned.”

The driver responds by punching the warden, landing a brutal punch to the side of his head

“Suspension is a neutral act which enables us to carry out a full and fair investigation, including reviewing what happened prior to the incident that was broadcast.”

“As far as we can establish we have not received a complaint from the driver in the footage or anyone else.”

The incident has also been reported to Leicestershire Police.

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