Shocking: 84% of burglaries in Leicestershire remain unsolved

More than 84% of residential burglaries in Leicestershire went unsolved in the 12 months to March, according to new figures from the Home Office.

This is similar to other regions in the East Midlands, with 83% in Nottinghamshire and 81% in Derbyshire.

The percentage of unsolved vehicle theft cases in the same period was 70% in Leicestershire, with Nottinghamshire at 75% and Derbyshire at 70%.

Police chiefs have said increased demand and reduced officer numbers mean they have to prioritise cases where there is a realistic chance of prosecution.


Leicestershire has lost 3% of police officers over the last year and more alarmingly, more than a fifth of its workforce in just seven years.

This means the size of the force has reduced from 2,317 in 2010 to 1,802 in March 2017 – a loss of 515 officers – according to the latest Home Office figures.

The picture is the same across the country, with many regions seeing a significant fall in officer numbers, as cuts in Police funding begin to bite.

Across the country, police numbers have fallen by 20,592 since 2010 and now stand at 123,142. This is the fewest officers in England and Wales since 1985.