Water tankers sent to Leicestershire after some areas run dry

Water tankers have been deployed to parts of Leicestershire which have run dry after huge demands on the water network.

Some of the areas affected include Oadby, Kibworth Harcourt, Oakham, Melton and Harborough.

Severn Trent Water has apologised for the disruption after experiencing “the biggest demand they have ever seen”, with more of us spending greater time at home.

The tankers will be used to replenish storage tanks in some of the areas affected and can also be used to pump water directly into the pipe network to ensure supply.


A statement released by Severn Trent said: “Some parts of our region are experiencing low pressure at the moment, and we’re sorry if you’re in one of those places. This is happening because there is huge demand on the water network right now. And it’s not just here, it’s all over the country.”

“Of course, we’ve all been spending much more time at home which has meant people are naturally using more water than normal.”

“Our keyworkers have been out keeping the network flowing throughout lockdown, and we’re continuing to work round the clock, doing all we can to make sure there’s enough water for everyone to use.”

“There is plenty of water in our reservoirs but our challenge right now is to get it cleaned, treated and out to everyone’s taps quickly enough given how much water everyone is using. We’re bringing in extra water and moving water around our network to meet the need.”

“We’re asking everyone to help save water where they can because that will help us hugely. Small savings really add up and will help us to make sure we have enough water for everyone – especially our most vulnerable customers.”

“To give everyone that extra incentive, we’ve also said that we will donate the money we save from any water saving to local charities that have been at the centre of the COVID-19 response.”

“Thank you for your patience and understanding, and together we can make a huge difference.”

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