Weather warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms for Leicestershire

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for rain and thunderstorms for the East Midlands including Leicestershire.

The warning applies to between midnight on Sunday and 6am on Monday 28th May.

The warning states: “Thunderstorms will continue to affect parts of Wales, southern and central England through Sunday and into Monday morning.”

Yellow weather warning issued for much of the UK including Leicestershire

The warning states this could lead to flooding of homes and businesses, lightning strikes, hail or strong winds and power cuts.

The Met Office’s chief forecaster said: “Thunderstorms will continue to develop over the southern half of the UK throughout Sunday with some of these persisting into Monday morning.”

“Whilst many areas will see small amounts of rain a few locations may see some very large totals with 30 mm possible within an hour and perhaps up to 80 mm in 3 hours”

‘Along with this hail and thunder are likely as well as some locally strong gusts. Perhaps the most likely time and location for seeing these severe thunderstorms is over parts of Wales and extending southeastwards into southern parts of the Midlands during Sunday afternoon.”

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