Plans to create new road to link Welford Road and Aylestone Road

Leicester City Council is proposing to create a new road linking Aylestone Road and Welford Road in Leicester.

The proposal involves using the route of the existing Putney Road, connecting the end section of Putney Road West directly to Aylestone Road, and creating a through-route to the junction of Welford Road and Victoria Park Road.

The scheme will link the west and east of the city and reduce congestion, particularly around the Leicester Tigers Football Club ground and the approaches from Welford Road, Aylestone Road and Upperton Road.

The scheme will also support economic growth by improving access for businesses in the Freemen’s Common Industrial Estate. Access will also be improved to future development in the area, particularly at the University of Leicester.

The council is launching a public consultation to understand issues that might arise with this project.

A final decision on the plan will be made after the consultation. If it becomes clear that the scheme will not achieve its objectives, then the scheme will be reviewed.

If you would like to submit your views on the proposal, you can do so here. The public consultation will run until Sunday 29 April.

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