Free wi-fi plans for Leicester City Centre

A number of new proposals are being considered to help regenerate the city, including the provision of free wi-fi throughout Leicester city centre.

A conference is being held later this week to explore ways in which the city can be improved, and access to free wi-fi is set to be on the agenda.

Big companies, keen investors and designers will all meet at De Montfort University this week to discuss issues like transport and regeneration.

BT communication together with a technology firm, InLink, have put forward plans to remove more than 50 phone boxes dotted around the city and replace them with digital advertising stands which will also provide free wi-fi.

The scheme has already been running successfully in areas of London and Leeds and the city mayor now hopes to bring this to Leicester.

Sir Peter Soulsby said: “It’s not just about the physical reconnection of the city centre. It’s also about the digital connectivity of the city.”

“That’s why I’ve been so welcoming of the proposals by BT to do away with some of those dreadful old phone boxes that litter our streets and put in some proper, modern 21st Century digital connectivity for people, so that we can all use our wi-fi out on the streets.”

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