Mum accused of killing newborn says she was unaware of being pregnant

A woman accused of killing her newborn daughter said she did not know she was pregnant before she gave birth.

Hannah Cobley, 29, gave birth to the girl in April 2017 at a farm where she lived with her parents in Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire.

She then left the baby to die by wrapping her in plastic bags and leaving her in an overgrown area of the farm, Leicester Crown Court was told.

She didn’t tell her parents about the pregnancy, who said they did not suspect anything.

A few days later, on holiday in Skegness, Hannah began bleeding heavily and collapsed. She was taken to the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Test revealed the presence of a placenta, which was removed by doctors and questions were raised about what happened to the baby.

She told medical staff and the police she was unaware of being pregnant and must have had a miscarriage, which she flushed away. She said she “didn’t know what was going on”.

Her father said Hannah later admitted to him “there was a baby” and she “put it in a bag”. He said she told him it “wasn’t alive or anything”.

Mr Cobley informed the Police, who found the baby’s body after searching the grounds.

Ms Cobley denies murder and the trial continues.