Woman found in suitcase had joked about husband killing her

A woman found murdered near her Leicester home joked about her ex-husband killing her, a court has heard.

Kiran Daudia’s body was discovered in a suitcase in an alleyway in the Evington area of the city.

The prosecution allege her 51-year-old ex-husband strangled her with her own scarf, before disposing of her body inside a suitcase.

Leicester Crown Court heard their son Shivam, 18, recall his mother laughing about her ex-husband and saying: “What if he ends up killing me?”


He also said Ashwin Daudia, who denies murder, physically and verbally abused his mother.

In video evidence played to the court, Shivam said he had seen his father taking a suitcase out of the attic of the family home shortly before his mother disappeared.

He also said that on the day she vanished, Ashwin had come and gone from the house about four times.

Although the couple were divorced, they were still living ‘separate lives’ under the same roof. Ashwin was supposed to be moving out of the house on the day of the murder, following the sale of the family home.

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