Young mum forced to tell 6-year-old son that she has weeks to live

A young mum battling cancer has been forced to tell her six-year-old son that she has only weeks to live after doctors said her condition has become untreatable.

Naomi Knighton, 26, of Derby, was diagnosed with chronic myloid luekemia as a teenager and she has battled against this for years. 

She has already had two bone marrow transplants in an effort to fight the rare form of cancer.

But specialists have told Naomi and her family to prepare for the worst after her condition became very aggressive and resistant to all treatments given.


She has moved in with her mother Jean and had to explain to her six-year-old son J’varn that she is in the final stages of her life.

Her sister Kirsty said: “As a family we are heartbroken for our beautiful Naomi, who has battled for so long and remained so strong throughout it all.”

She is trying to buy some more time with her son by undergoung chemotherapy treatment supported with steroids.

Her family is trying to raise awareness on becoming a stem cell donor. Kirsty said: “Its hard to get cell doners in the uk, as there are not enough people prepared to donate their cells.”

She added: “Naomi has had a donor from Germany previously. So we are urging people to look into the Antony Nolan Project and become a stem cell donor. It really can save somebody’s life”

Kirsty is also trying to raise money for Naomi’s funeral, to carry out her final wishes and give her the send off she deserves.

You can make a donation by visiting Naomi’s Gofundme page