Youngster running from Police falls through frozen lake in Leicestershire

Police are warning people about the dangers of walking on frozen ice, after a young boy fell into a reservoir whilst trying to escape from officers.

Leicestershire Police are keen to speak to a group of children as young as 10, who were seen walking on a frozen reservoir.

The five youngsters were seen a ‘significant way from the shore’ when police and firefighters arrived at Thornton Reservoir in Leicestershire.

However when the youths saw the officers, they started running over the thin ice but one fell through the ice in to the freezing water up to his waist.

He managed to climb out and carried on running.

In a tweet, Bosworth Police said: “What an exceptionally dangerous situation to put yourself in – risking your life for a ‘dare’.”

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service in Market Bosworth commented on the police’s post saying: “Seriously Stupid, that is all! Do Not Even Think About It. It won’t end well.”